Imagine being able to more easily manage your programs or projects and achieve better outcomes. AidHub's Mission Empowerment Platform (MEP) helps every organisation do what they do best... even better!

AidHub is the world's first technology solution specifically designed to help every Aid/CSR/Nonprofit organisation globally to more easily get funded, plan, implement, manage and report on their programs or projects end-to-end. AidHub is free, and always will be. Therefore, no paid premium plans.

We are very proud to announce that, thanks to the support of our 140 NGO/NFP Pioneer Partners in 72 countries, AidHub will launch in three phases starting with our Beta testing release in the 2nd Qtr 2021 to a select group of organisations, followed by a release starting in the 3rd Qtr 2021 to 2,000 organisations and then publicly released free of charge to the world's 10+ million organisations in the 4th Qtr 2021.

To be a part of the early releases, please join our waiting list and if selected you, and your organisation, will be invited as a Founding User.

Let's Make Impact Count.

Healthy and safe regards,
Alan Morgan
Founder and CEO
AidHub Foundation

Alan Morgan
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