Our Founders

Alan Morgan – Founder and CEO

MorganAlan is the philanthropic Founder and CEO of AidHub Ltd and Mentor Foundation (MMB) in Indonesia and Australia.

Originally from Australia and now living in Indonesia, Alan has almost 35 years of success in business, ranging from small businesses to major commercial enterprises, both as an owner and Mergers & Acquisitions Adviser. He has also trained, educated and motivated over 10,000 people on better personal money management and small business in his role as an entrepreneurial and motivational speaker. Much of his busy career also included a focus on philanthropic work to help those less fortunate.

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As a lifelong traveler to more than 40 nations, Alan’s passion for researching and understanding the local economic, cultural, political and living standards in many countries around the world has made him a fountain of knowledge on what it takes to become prosperous on limited resources. In mid 2010, Alan semi-retired early (Age 44) to focus his efforts on helping those in need become better informed and capable of achieving prosperity. His philanthropic work and life experiences has resulted in the development and establishment of MMB and AidHub.

Given his many decades of life experience in business management, achieving leaps in business process efficiency and improved outputs through designing and developing bespoke technologies, Alan is dedicated to transforming the global nonprofit industry into a significantly more efficient and transparent industry in order to achieve the optimal outcomes for society and our planet.

Alan has extensive business relationships and experience throughout the world, particularly Asia, and speaks English and conversational Indonesian.

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Dr. Waluyo Martowiyoto – Co-Founder

WaluyoDr. Waluyo was born in Klaten, Central Java. While he was with the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) he actively engaged in many corruption prevention programs, including managing wealth reporting programs, stamping out illegal gratuities, socialization programs, and research in combating corruption.

He served as acting head of the KPK Commisioners, and was appointed by the President of the Republic of Indonesia when three out of five of the commissioners were unable to serve their duties during the short period of 6th October to 8th December, 2009.

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Since January 2012, Waluyo has been acting as chairman of the National Safety and Health Council of Indonesia and the Independent Team in Controlling Oil and Gas Safety. He is an expert in the oil and gas industry with a multitude of connections in Government Institutions and the State Owned Companies of Indonesia.

He has recently been appointed by Indonesian President Joko Widodo as the Commissioner of the Civil Servants Commission of Indonesian (Komisi Aparatur Sipil Negara), a government body for maintaining the neutrality of state civil servants, efficiency in government, supervising training programs, and monitoring and evaluating management policies.

Dr. Waluyo is an experienced civil and commercial expert who has always supported transparency and the anti-corruption movement in Indonesia. Given his experiences, his support as an AidHub Co-Founder will take AidHub to a new era in creating clean government in Indonesia.

Pak Y.W. Junardy – Co-Founder


Y.W. Junardy is Co-Founder of both the AidHub Foundation and the Mentor Foundation (MMB). He is a highly respected businessman and champion of civil and human rights. He has been the President Commissioner of PT Rajawali Corporation since 2006, an Indonesian nation-wide company operating in a number of industries. Prior to his current position he served in various companies including as the Managing Director of PT Rajawali Corporation, as CEO of cellular operator Excelcomindo, and on the Board of RCTI, a national TV broadcasting corporation. He worked at IBM Indonesia, and at the IBM Regional HQs in Hong Kong, New York and Tokyo, before his appointment as the CEO of PT USI – IBM Indonesia.

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He is currently serving as the President of the United Nations Global Compact Network Indonesia, a United Nations initiative promoting private sector action in Human Rights, Labor, the Environment and Anti-Corruption. He is also a board-member of various organizations, including Indonesia Business Links, Asia Marketing Federation, Indonesia Marketing Association, Pondok Kasih Foundation and Bhumiksara Foundation, and he is a member of the President’s Advancement Advisor Committee of the National University of Singapore.

He is a consummate human rights activist, including organizing mass weddings for thousands of Indonesian couples living in poverty so that they can get ID cards and birth certificates for their children, giving the whole family access to schooling, education, healthcare and insurance, better jobs and the banking system, positively transforming the lives of over thirty thousand people so far.