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"Imagine if there was one FREE technology which could help every organisation achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and solve climate change challenges faster, more efficiently, and with improved outcomes and greater impact."

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a new paradigm in aid, csr & ngo program Management

"In a world of escalating human and environmental challenges it's time to embrace a new paradigm."

SDG"Imagine if there was one technology which could help every organisation achieve the 17 global Sustainable Development Goals and solve climate change challenges faster, more efficiently, and with significantly improved outcomes."


Welcome to AidHub

If you're going to solve a human or environmental challenge, the key to success is in knowing at the start which initiatives work best from a global perspective, and having the technology to plan, implement, manage and improve your initiatives throughout their lifecycle in a way which will achieve or outperform global best practice. And in doing so, continually resetting the bar for your own organisation, while also elevating other organisations to even better outcomes and greater impact for the betterment of mankind and our planet.

AidHub is a world first global technology platform uniquely designed for all Governments (Aid), Companies (CSR) and Nonprofit Organisations (NGOs) to improve all program initiative outcomes globally. From a single Nonprofit Initiative, all the way through to a global Portfolio of Programs, Projects and their respective Initiatives, AidHub enables an individual or organisation of any size, location or complexity to more easily and effectively plan, manage, implement, monitor, analyse and report on the outcomes and impact of their initiatives at every level.

AidHub’s broad analytical and research tools assist all parties identify and compare highest ranked and scored “Best Practice” initiatives in a given program/project sector, and therefore fosters continual improvements in program initiative outcomes. Thus empowering knowledge transfer of best practice on a global scale.

AidHub’s world first technologies further drives continual improvement and global collaboration by stealth and simplicity. Largely automated functions in AidHub showcase and push the highest ranked and scored “Best Practice” initiative outcomes to users in AidHub. Specific and relevant to their role or field of expertise, thus providing the global knowledge transfer of what works best for mankind and our planet. Month on month, year on year continual improvement ensuring faster, more effective and efficient outcomes for all.

While AidHub is a new paradigm for the Aid and Nonprofit industries, the technology to achieve this shift is proven and easy to adopt. The basis for AidHub’s technology is its open platform and how it supports a broad range of users across disparate industries.

AidHub offers a standard, well defined platform and common Apps or Functionality Plugins which allow PCs, tablets and smartphones to seamlessly interconnect from management to field workers, and each organisation to uniquely configure the AidHub ecosystem to suit their own functionality, management and reporting needs. One platform, millions of unique, secure and continually improving technology ecosystems.

Equally important, AidHub encourages and supports third party developers to extend the platform’s functionality by introducing new application specific Apps or Functionality Plugins to meet the individual needs of Aid and Nonprofit organisations around the globe. Where authorised by the organisation, these Apps and Plugins, which are also automatically scored and ranked for their effectiveness, may be shared for other organisations to benefit from, thereby driving continual improvement in the AidHub platform and the effectiveness of nonprofit Program Initiatives globally.

The incorporation of this tried and tested best practice system in the AidHub model ensures we are building a highly effective and flexible solution for the long term. The same benefits we generate by adopting these best available models and practices reflect the benefits we want the participants in the Aid and Nonprofit industries to create for themselves. Thereby fostering organic best outcome driven initiatives and functionality enhancements. AidHub is the catalyst to allow this to happen.

We are committed to making AidHub available to the global nonprofit industry at no cost.




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